To be calm…….

When I think of calmness…I think of the ocean. It is when I am in the ocean that I feel most “me,”grounded and happy. I was just recently in Costa Rica and have… Continue reading

Lucky to be a Californian!

I love avocados! Besides California, only Florida and Mexico grow them, which is why we should take full advantage of them. There are many great ways to eat them and one can even… Continue reading

Rise and Shine!

For the most part after we wake up, we find ourselves wobbling into the kitchen, still blurry eyed and looked for that cup of coffee….I know I do! BUT…we should all be having… Continue reading

Almond Milk…

I have always enjoyed a bit of half & half in my coffee, but since getting my vitamix I have begun to make my own almond milk and now use it in replace… Continue reading