Lively Skies

This evening I went for a late surf, the sun had already set, but the sky mirrored that of an abstract painting…whisps of oranges, pinks, and yellows were everywhere. The sky was alive… Continue reading


The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, take a bath, and or just arriving home in the evening…I light incense. No matter what my mood is it has… Continue reading

Healthy Goodness

I have been wanting to make a healthy sort of cake for a while and when I saw this recipe for a raw vegan vanilla chocolate mousse cake I instantly headed to the market 🙂… Continue reading

Teachings from India

Lately I have been having a fascination with India, everything from its history, teachings, and the beauty of the country. Also for about a month I drove my family crazy and talked my… Continue reading

The Coffee Chronicles…

I know I said I would update everyone after two weeks of my detox from coffee, BUT I have already made a decision….drum roll….. 🙂 I am jumping ship and solely becoming a… Continue reading

End of Summer

To Know You’re There  When summer fades it helps to know A dear friend waits from long ago. The friend you are, you’ll always be Now poised beneath a tranquil sea. I’ve seen… Continue reading


Want a decadent/lush/ feel good smoothie?! Here you go! 🙂 A healthy chocolate cherry smoothie! Ingredients 3/4-1 cup almond milk handful of spinach half a frozen banana 3/4-1 cup of frozen cherries 1… Continue reading


About two weeks ago I went to my first tarot card class,had a blast, and learned even more than just about reading cards. There may be a few friends/family members with crooked eyebrows… Continue reading

Going Cold Turkey…

Starting tomorrow morning I am beginning a little experiment…I am going to quit coffee for two weeks and then report on my findings 🙂 If all goes well or I feel that I… Continue reading

Vegging Out…

At this point I probably most resemble the dog in the pic 😉 With school having started and working I have tried to pack in surfing and crossfit whenever I can, which I… Continue reading