Healthy Tips for the New Year!

healthy tips1. drink more water! Besides the fact that we need it to live, it has the ability to improve our mood, gives us energy, flush out toxins in the body,and give us nice glowing skin.

When I was younger I use to get a lot of headaches, mainly from being dehydrated. In the past year or so I have tried to make a conscious effort to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, and because of this I no longer have headaches, my moods are more balanced, I feel less sluggish, and yes my skin does look more “glowy” (if that is a word 😉

2. eat more greens! A phrase that has been ingrained in our brains from our mother’s since childhood, but yep…they were right! 🙂 Not only are greens full of the minerals and vitamins that we need, but they also help to slim, energize, and detoxify us. Furthermore, they help to boost our immunity and fight against diseases. So try and make yourself a delicious salad everyday and or start your day of with a green smoothie! 396f51d23a23d41d0537146c8eb6ce72

3. Get Moving! Whether it be a dance class, going for a long walk, run, yoga, whatever it may be….just move! Besides the positive effects on our body…stronger muscles, stronger heart, greater lung capacity….you will be a happier and brighter person, and through this many great things will come from it. You will learn to appreciate and care for yourself, one of the most important things!d3df1af1a7253fa3d6afafcb6354c0b5

4. Breathe! Your breath is your life and it is important to be aware of it. By being aware of your breath you have the ability to control your mental and physical state. If you are feeling stressed and rushed make sure to check in with your breath….slow and deep breaths…

5. eat dark chocolate….because it makes us happy! 😉 In fact, dark chocolate is nutritionally good for you! It is full of magnesium, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins!

There are many great things physically and mentally one can do for their body, but for me these are the 5 that I pay attention to the most. One might think having dark chocolate on my list is funny, but it is important to treat yourself! I make a mean raspberry/cacao (chocolate) smoothie as well… 🙂

Merci xo