new year=new blog theme 😉

I have never been so excited for a new year as I have been this one! If I could describe 2013 in two words it would be transition and emotional as my mother passed away days before 2013. I did have many good moments in 2013 though…I traveled to Costa Rica, moved to Venice Beach, surfed my heart out,made new friends,graduated from UCLA, and to top it off, just returned from a Christmas vacation in Mexico.

I already can feel the exciting spirit of 2014! I am finally done with undergrad,I have moved back home (into a new home), which I am so happy about (feeling settled for the first time in a long time), and will be starting a nutrition program in March. For me 2014 feels like a rebirth (as corny as that sounds 😉 and a year of opportunity.

I especially look forward to sharing with everyone all the tips and healthy advice I learn from my nutrition program!

Hope everyone is having a lovely and exciting start to the new year…cheers to 2014!!! xoxo

Here are some pics from my Mexico travels…