Wooo hooo!!! :-)

baumanThank you everyone for your support! I am so excited to start at Bauman in March! I have been talking my head off about the program for about a year+ and will probably continue to do so till classes start in March…too excited! 🙂 Wish they would start tomorrow!! I can’t wait to start this new chapter….finish undergrad here at UCLA, move home, and start this new program.

Looking back a year ago, I think of how my perspective on health has changed so much, a lot of this having to do with my mother’s illness. I have attached my Bauman College application essay below to show this. It is funny how sometimes during the hardest of times good things can come from it, or influence you in such a big way to refocus your thoughts and change your perspective.

Merci! xo

            I have always tried to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until this past year from the passing of my mother from cancer that my relationship to my own health has grown deeper and the ultimate realization how interconnected our health is to food. Furthermore, food has not only the ability to influence our body, but also mind and spirit.

            During the months of caring for my mother I searched for ways to “cure” her, researching for hours on the internet, this is when the idea of food as medicine grew upon me. Unfortunately, my mother’s cancer was too far along to be reversed, but it gave me comfort to know that in the time she had left I could feed her with rich nutrients, something her body greatly needed.

            More and more people everyday are being diagnosed with cancer and many other diseases and I truly believe food can be our answer. For too long we have tried to put a “band aid” on diseases through medicines and harsh treatments and we are now beginning to see the adverse effects of this. We should view our food as a source of wellness and preventative medicine.

            Through studying at Bauman College I hope to change people’s viewpoint on food and see that they can take control of their health. Everyday in the media we see a new diet fad or ways to loose weight, but eating well should be a lifestyle and even a source of happiness, not about restriction or trying to fit a size 4 pant. Our genetically modified and processed foods are not only becoming the source of diseases, but they greatly affect our mental states as well.

             By becoming a nutrition consultant I hope to steer people not only towards a healthy body, but also mind. Even after a few days of eating a nutritious, green, and balanced diet one can feel the emotional effects of this. One wakes up happier, with more energy, and ready to take on the day. If more people could feel like this think of how this would affect the rates of depression and our rising medication rates within the United States.

            The little knowledge that I have acquired through the caring of my mother has ignited a deep passion within me to learn more about food and how to care for oneself. I hope to use what I learn to better the world through educating people and to help them form a more nurturing, appreciative, and loving relationship with themselves and food. The time is now to make a change within the world of health and go back to a simpler time when food and natural elements were always the answer to a healthy being.